10 October, 2009

English Bull Terriers Rule (Even if they are from Holland)

I fell in love with English bull terriers about 30 years ago after reading Ernst Eberhardt's book The Complete Bull Terrier, but it wasn't until 2001, after the death of my canine partner Prinz that I had the chance to actually have one of my own.

My desire to have a bull terrier in my life took me to a small village in Holland, not far from the German boarder. That is where I met a handsome 12 week old puppy named Stormbandit's Kublai Khan.

I named him before I met him, Stormbandit for the kennel from which he came and Kublai Khan for the most loved of all the Khans. More affectionately, I call him Willem.

His Grandfater is Einstein the Joker, the youngest World Champion in history and his uncle Rufus, an Einstein son, who is the only bull terrier ever to win the prestigious Westminster dog show.

Great dogs everyone.

So what is so special about bull terriers?

Besides being courageous and loyal, they are funny. It is often like having a 3 year old in a dog suit.

They love it when you laugh and they love to lick your ears but, a bullie is not for everyone. They can be stubborn and often insist on getting their own way.

Anyway I just thought I would write a post about my bull terrier, Willem and share a bit about my best friend.

Thanks for reading, now go give your dog a bone!